Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

The afternoon got off to a great start with a dive/snorkel to Four Sponges Reef. This unique reef has 2 walls to explore. The reef was filled with sponges, corals and reef fish of every color and shape. From the small yellow-headed jawfish that can be found by closely examining the sand channels between the reefs, to a very curious green moray eel that came very close to the cameras that were busily clicking away at its toothy grin. Moray eels have poor eyesight, but they have an excellent sense of smell. The divers also got to see 2 large (2' long) scrawled filefish that put on a show as they swam together in what looked like a spawning "dance" that went on as they moved along the reef. Before the dive ended, the divemaster pointed out a large eye toadfish that made its home under a coral ledge. This odd-looking fish uses fleshy tabs near its cavernous mouth to blend in to the background. Small fishes can be confused into thinking the fish is just part of the reef until the toadfish opens its maw and snaps up the unsuspecting prey!
(Photos: Helen Domske)

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  1. Nice pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Ben & Paula.