Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Article on Jellyfish

Jellyfish Sea Science comes from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Division. You can even download a PDF file of this information at the bottom of their web page! Just click on Jellyfish to take a look.

In Roatan we often see the Mangrove Upsidedown Jelly at the mangroves, an occasional Moon Jelly, a few Box Jellyfish called a Sea Wasp and lots of Comb Jellies which aren't Jellyfish at all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deposit Deadline Extended

It's not too late to join this summer's workshop in Roatan! The deposit deadline has been extended to March 24, 2009. Have questions? We have answers! Feel free to call or e-mail...
Helen Domske, Sea Grant Resource Agent, (716)645-3610; hmd4@cornell.edu
Garry Dole, Science Resources Coordinator, Erie 2 BOCES, (716) 679-3419; garrydole@aol.com